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Guaranteed - Whether You Are Seeking A One-Time Clean, Weekly, By-Weekly, Monthly Or Specialty Cleaning - We Will Customize The Right Cleaning Program To Suit Your Needs!


CleanTime understands every persons home is unique and requires just the right touch when it comes to cleaning needs. Although, we have established foundation guidelines for our staff members to follow, we always listen to our customers and make certain we adhere to particular additional requests.


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Simply click on one of the links below for a detailed description of our cleaning foundations or contact us today to discuss your specialized cleaning requirements:   

Routine Maintenance Cleaning is typically the right choice if you plan to have your home spotless at all times by utilizing our services on a regular schedule at economical rates.

Deep Cleaning is for the home that needs a good thorough seasonal prep cleaning, prior to scheduling maintenance cleaning.

Specialized Cleaning covers a wide range of options which are usually not included in a maintenance cleaning. Or in very large homes it may be preferable to rotate the areas to be cleaned based upon usage of the residence.

Move-In Cleaning typically is for the new owner of a pre-owned home that wants to start out with a nice fresh environment to move into, including inside the cabinets and appliances.

Move-Out Cleaning is for the person that wants to ensure the next resident will have the best clean possible in those areas that were hidden by unmovable furniture and appliances.

Post-Construction Cleaning is a must for the new home buyer or builder that is meticulous and wants to ensure the environment is spotless prior to occupancy. Most people don3?t realize how many contaminants are in a home immediately after construction.

Resort and Rental Cleaning varies with the amount of usage. For resorts we offer specials depending on the size of the facility. For rentals typically maintenance cleaning is all that is necessary on a regular basis, but it's smart to have a deep clean occasionally too.

Yacht Maintenance Cleaning is a niche and requires a specialized approach due to the constant water conditions. We have 30 years of Yachting experience to bring to our cleaning business.

House Watching is a service we now offer due to the number of growing customers that still want a light maintenance cleaning conducted while they are away. We can also manage other maintenance issues as they may arise while you are away!

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